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5 Ways To Make Woman Squirt

Quoted from other blog sites, I want to give you 5 surefire tips and tricks so that your female partner an orgasm quickly (but have your legitimate partner “husband – wife”) do not try that instead of your partner because you know the effect. This is 5 ways to make woman squirt: I want to thanks this video on youtube.com for giving this cool little idea post. That man deserves a pat on the shoulder. Go watch his step by step tutorial.

Aug. 8 is the Female orgasm Day in Brazil. Men have to provide sexual pleasure and make their partner had an orgasm actually. While there are several steps that can be tried so that you can provide satisfaction for the couple in bed and reaching orgasm.

As quoted from HuffPost least five are considered to be an effective way to help women achieve orgasm.
Lubricant to stimulate female arousal

Sexual stimulation is essential to achieve orgasm.” When your mind stimulated, will be much easier for your body to be stimulated,” said Patty Brisben, founder PureRomance.

In addition to sex toys, lubricants or lubricant is considered an appropriate medium to stimulate the sensitive points on your woman.

There is a misconception that the lubricant is only suitable for those women who suffer from vaginal dryness due to aging.

“But it’s not true, lubrication for all ages. Fact, 65 % of women said that the use of lubricants has led to great sex,” said Brisben.

The right is to use water-based lubricants because it is safer.


Remember sex requires the performance of several parts of the body, so make sure your body is fit and healthy to produce quality sex.

Therefore train the muscles that relate to your sensual areas such as pelvic muscle associated with muscular vagina.

“Do Kegel exercises regularly will result in stronger contractions during orgasm,” said Lynn Wolfbrandt, product specialist for www.vibrators.com.


Preheat your body temperature

Temperature is often overlooked as an important variable to achieve orgasm.

“A Danish study showed that women have 30 % more likely to reach orgasm when their feet warm rather than cold,” says relationship coach Dylan Thrasher.

Use socks when sex is considered to help increase the body temperature.” Try using a foot massage as a warm body oil to heat things up,” Dylan added.


Wake psychic closeness with a partner

Sex does not just involve the physical, but also emotional role.

“Having a strong relationship with your partner to strengthen the quality of sex, especially orgasm,” said Thrasher.

“A woman must feel appreciated, wanted, understood and accepted by their partners,” he explained.

Naughty games

Shanna Katz sexologists recommend playing the game with your five senses to enhance sexual arousal.

“Whether it’s the aroma massage oil or hitting each other, play with the senses to arouse sexual desire some people an hour faster than oral sex. Consider using a blindfold, fur, satin, leather and wax to create a sensory game as foreplay, ” That’s how to make a girl squirt I hope you really enjoy it.

What is Your Fantasy?

I’m pretty sure you haven’t really enjoyed your sex life. But don’t worry though it’s something that you can change and improve as we live. What is your wildest fantasy? Maybe you’ll find you’re very own if you are being honest with what you fell. Obviously you need your partner as well and both of you have to be involved in open sincere conversation.

I’ll update more. Cheers.